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sekailu forgetting they are in a public area

i ship it.

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‘GTOP PLS’ SERIES » during ‘high high’ @ mbc gayo daejun, gd&top perform an abridged traditional korean wedding bowing ritual on national tv and are extremely happy/smug about it. note: top bows like the bridegroom & g-dragon bows like the bride (sorta). [1, 2]

This is so fucking funny omg

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tao on luhan’s back and kris hitting them + xiumin facepalm-ing behind

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Baram: When are you most grateful to Gwangsuk?

this is just too much.

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Me when I’m trying to learn Exo’s choreography






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A list of my thoughts when I watch Jungkook dance to “Burn”



1) Wow, his arms…

2) Why am I only watching Jungkook and not Jimin or J-Hope?

3) How can he be so hot when he’s only seventeen?

4) I seriously need to learn this dance

5) I’m totally forgetting about my bias in BTS right now


my thoughts exactly - this feels so wrong.

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how is it possible for a human being to be so beautiful? I mean.. handsome.

how is it possible for a human being to be so beautiful? I mean.. handsome.

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sehun making a hearteu and getting embarrassed~ 

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i ship it

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mylittlecries sent: I swear this boob wasn't the one asking for the reaction after some rough sex! :D I wouldn't go anon for that.. I'd ask you right away. So, here it comes (move away, concience!): EXO reaction on you giving head and swallowing! If it really bothers you to post this on your blog, you can always answer in private ^^ <3 BUT I want to say one thing: I LOVE YOU. You are the most perfect, lovely, funniest, sexy ass girl I know and I will never be able to live without you again. Now gimme reaction (a)


Bish get out cause this sheet doesn’t work on mey! =______=



Xiumin: *pulls your hair a little* well aren’t you my little ho…


Luhan: oh fuckin’ OMFG fuck you’re so good babe fuuuuck


Kris: that’s right, bitch, stroke that dragon, lick it, suck it… fuck, your fuckin’ mouth is so warm *starts thrusting gently in your mouth as he cums*


Suho: yes, babe, who’s your sugar-daddy now, suck it like a lollipop, God damn it you feel so good!


Lay: *he doesn’t say anything, he just moans loud and keeps biting and licking his lips, smirking at times*


Baekhyun: *strokes your cheeks* nice kitty, purr for me and suck that cock like it’s for the last time, good kitty


Chen: *you tease him stopping your sucking while his about to cum* fuck it, bitch, stop trolling or Imma make you regret later *pulls your hair a little and looks you dead in the eyes* now get your job done! *licks his lips*


Chanyeol: *his voice becomes even deeper* oh you’re so good at this, fuck *you stroke his balls and he let’s a loud deep moan* faster, faster, fuck… this… fuck… 


Kyungsoo: suck it up, suck it up well and Imma bake something really sweet for you *cums in your mouth* isn’t this the best dessert you’ve ever tasted?


Tao: aren’t you too good for your own good, babe? I might do really bad things to you later…


Kai: fuck, babe, what are you doing to me, fuckin’ shet, this is so damn good, fuck, you’ll be rewarded for what you’re doin’ to me in a few moments, fuck


Sehun: *he stays still and talks calmly* is it too big? you don’t have to take it all in, I don’t want you to choke. good girl, you’re doing it just fine *strokes your hair* just like that *smiles at you* here it comes! *he cums and the big amount of fluid start dripping from your mouth*


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140412 countdown to sehun's birthday 

D-5 | the party doesn't start until osh walks in

happy birthday Sehun!

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how exo k eats their ice cream

you go chanyeol

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Kim Kyu Jong - My Precious One ♥

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EXO K - Overdose (reversed).  You can hear some pretty crazy shit.

it sounds like they summoning satan

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Someone finally give up on being sexy and a veeeeery supportive Yixing